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Brent | September 16, 2016

I'm not so much a fan of people that still have the need to grab their phone out when we're playing games. That's a personal gripe and obviously everyone is free to their own opinion but for me, I think it's just polite to put the phone down and be present.

That having been said, I do make I exception to this rule: Helper Apps, they range from score keeping, moderating, to so much more.

Don't get me wrong the smart phone is an incredible tool, I just think it’s got to be used properly or not at all. So I decided to collect all the best Helper apps I have used and list them here!

Note: This list is specific to licensed apps, for others you will have to wait for another list.

7 Wonders Companion

A lot of care and polish has gone into this app, it is not only beautiful but also quite functional. It isn't free so if you aren't a dedicated player of 7 wonders there are other options.

Codenames Gadget

I would actually use this more than the cards that come with the game, it comes with a timer and the function to hide the screen when the device is laid flat is very useful.

Alchemists: Lab Equipment

As was the case with the Codenames app, this companion app is quite lovingly made, althoough not exactly essential to the gameplay for free this is definitely worth having on your phone.

Agents of SMERSH

Alot of effort has gone into this app, it;s a shame that it's only available on Android and for the fact that they are asking for a price seems like they could use some of that to port over an iOS equivalent.

Stronghold Games Timer

While this game time is quite simple, if you are a Stronghold Games diehard there really is no reason to use a normal timer as apposed to this little gem. Each timer is tailored to each game, its the little things that count.

Catan Game Assistant

Not enough games come with this kind of treatment, at least not enough of the more complex ones do. I would kill for all games to come with a simple, free app that teaches you the game. Look well done instruction booklets are fine, but this is just wonderful!

Dead of Winter: Crossroads App

For some, the idea of replacing a deck for an app is a bit too much. I am definitely one of those people, but if you are maybe a bit more progressive than I, this is a great little app to add some immersion to the game.

Favor of the Pharaoh

Bezier love there games, and they love making quality apps. This is no exception, if you are a fan of Favour of the Pharaoh you can do worse than pick this up.

Renegade Games Companion App

At this point in time, the only game for this is FUZE. That being said its pretty much an integral part of the game and its always nice to have a bit of a more authentic experience.

Golem Arcana

As you play, the app serves as a sort of referee and rulebook. You could get away with this one on the phone, but if you have a tablet on offer, id highly recommend it.

War Room 2

I missed this when I was a Warmachine player, and that actually makes me very sad, since this is such a helpful app! Definitely grab this one.

Mage Wars Companion

This app is almost a must have if you are a Mage Wars player, it is only available for Ipad for iOS which is frustrating and you will need to put up some cash but for that investment you definitely get a quality product.

Munchkin Level Counter

This one is a hard sell, yeah sure its well made but honestly there are other options for a level counter for munchkin... free options. That being said if you really like the look of it hey sure, give it a go!

One Night

You NEED this app. Don't try and moderate one night yourself, thats rediculous. If thats your desire just play ultimate werewolf instead. This is so integral if it could of it should of come in the box!

Ultimate Werewolf Timer

This one is handy, takes away the issue of trying to time both the day sequence and any defences. Of course you could just use a normal timer but for a free app why would you not get this?

Whitechapel Hideout Generator

This one is out there! Its not so much a companion but rather a digital add-on expansion. Pick this up if you want to expand your game!

Sentinels Sidekick

Ok this one is is a personal choice too, for the price of a token pack, Sentinels Sidekick replaces all of that with everything you need to track your progress in a game. I guess it comes down to if you prefer digital or tactile tokens.

Sheriff of Nottingham

I find this one more useful for the calculation at the end, it has audio to add to the flavour of the game but its sort of more of a distraction than its worth.

Star Wars™ Dice

If this wasn't for such a wide range of games I couldn't suggest it, but since that isn't the case this is a great app, IF you have invested in the Star Wars board games heavily.


This is pretty much a must have if you're playing the XCOM game. Of course this one is probably best for your iPad, not so much your phone.

Zombicide Companion

This one is yet to accomodate for the Black Plague release of the series, that being said this is a great alternative to the normal way of tracking your character. (Also who can pass up the Black Plague dashboards anyway.)

Ogre War Room

Somewhat similar to what the Warmachine War Room accomplishes, this is a handy app for tracking players and Ogres. Plus its free!

World of Yo-Ho

Your phone is your ship! It knows where it is on the map, it moves around the board it interacts with other phones. Its an intriguing idea and actually serves the purpose quite well... maybe not for you if you are rocking a larger phone though.

Have we missed any? Link them in the comments section and I'll add them in!


Brent is the founder of OzBoardGamer, he has a passion for the hobby and especially loves games for 2 to 5 players

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