Building your game collection

Brent | January 24, 2017

What makes a good board game collection? Well for myself, its 2 things

  1. Having games for any number of players
  2. Having a game for any kind of player

For me, a game collection is about building a library of games, and while I think it's good to fill it with all your favourites, I think it is equally as important to have a set number of games that, while maybe not the best of the best, they are appropriate tools to introduce new players to the hobby.

When it comes to games to appeal to any number of players, games ranging from small 4 player micro games like Love Letter, Welcome to the Dungeon and Bang! the Dice Game to games that can accommodate upwards of 8-10 players like Two Rooms and a Boom, Spyfall and Codenames.

Then there is the task of accomodating for those that aren't so inclined to games, and while games like The Resistance and Werewolf are quite easy for people to get involved, I feel to really light the gaming fire under them you need to find what are commonly known as gateway games, these can include such titles as Catan, Ticket to Ride and Takenoko.

What kind of games fill out your collection? Do you accommodate for other people when buying a new game? Or are you happy to stick to your favourites?


Brent is the founder of OzBoardGamer, he has a passion for the hobby and especially loves games for 2 to 5 players

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