Favourite house-rules

Brent | December 06, 2016

House-rules can make a good game great, this isn't to say that a game has been designed poorly, its just a small amendment that spices things up a little bit more, maybe to make the game a little bit harder and more unpredictable.

Here are some of my favourites that I have found.


The rules of Concept basically have a team of two attempting to work together to give non verbal clues based on a word or phrase they chose. Alternatively I have found it more fun to do away with the scoring mechanic and limiting it to one clue giver. This makes the game much more engaging and much more challanging.

King of Tokyo/King of New York:

With the power up expansions, the "King of" games have an added element that really makes the game feel like a real fight, but an idea is to deal each monster an initial power up card (based on their monster) so that no game starts the same and that choice of monster actually has some weight to it.

Settlers of Catan:

If you have played Catan you will know how painful a roll of 7 is. To add even more pain to your playthrough, add this rule: when you move the robber, instead of just moving them and placing it ontop of a number marker in another tile, you would SWAP the robber with the number tile instead. 

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