How to be a good Ultimate Werewolf player

Brent | March 16, 2017

No this isn't a guide on how to play the game well (although that isn't a bad idea for a blog series!). This is a little rant on the way some players approach the game and how, from the moderators perspective, you can get more out of the game:

1. Just shut up for 1 second.

The most frustrating this for any moderator is when the whole crowd gets away from you are starts having their own conversations. If you want to play Werewolf, be involved in the game. If you want to have a chat, have a chat. Just make sure you respect the decisions of other players otherwise you're not going to make any new friends. Nothing is more demoralising for a moderator than everyone not paying attention and you sitting there wondering where it was that you lost them...

2. Don't ask "What does ____ do?" if it's your role.

It is the moderators job to explain the roles as the game progresses, if you don't understand your role, just commit the name of the role to memory and listen for it to be called, if its not called, don't worry about it. The worst thing a player can do is yell out "Hey so the Seer, what does it do again?". If it's a bluff I applaud you but if its just you not knowing what to do just give the moderator a chance to explain!

3. Always trust the moderators decisions.

Look, you may think you know whats going on. But the moderator has the most information in the game, 100%. You may of, as the Werewolves made a decision to kill someone and that doesn't pan out the way you expected, don't question the moderator. This puts a massive target on you, I have had a game where the entire Werewolf team outed themselves by their reaction to death announcements.

4. Buy into the story.

A good moderator is always trying to set the mood and make the story of this town engaging and fun. But if no one cares then its all for nothing and you might as well just wake up and be told "Ok Becca is dead". Yep, that's super exciting. Put some flavour into it, when you are put on trial, defend yourself with a bit of creativity, maybe even get a laugh and the crowd might save you!

There is so much to Werewolf that makes it an amazing Party game but without people being properly invested it just becomes pointless. Have some fun with the game and please, respect your moderators!


Brent is the founder of OzBoardGamer, he has a passion for the hobby and especially loves games for 2 to 5 players

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