If you own Mysterium, you own Dixit


After finally getting to play Dixit, I was instantly hooked, I felt as though I had found another game I was going to be completely addicted to. I went to look for it online and then I realised, I already have it. No I don't own the official licenced product itself but I do own Mysterium. Now in a review I did last year I mentioned that Mysterium was like a mix of both Dixit and Clue, and thats exactly it.

In Mysterium and Dixit, you use cards with this abstract art to convey your point and everything you need to make Dixit work is in the Mysterium box. You have the cards, voting tokens, point marking system its all there.

Don't get me wrong I love Dixit and I think you should definitely pick it up, but if you already own Mysterium, and you dont mind the cards being designed for it's gameplay rather than Dixit's then you can get away with playing it that way.

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