The perfect gaming table

Brent | January 10, 2017

Whenever we play games its always very important to find the right setting for each one. Some games may start off small but can end up sprawling accross the coffee table that you thought would be big enough. But sometimes you find yourself with too much room where is difficult to reach anything and you find yourself constantly asking other players to do things for you.

Here are a few links of gaming tables to inspire you on a DIY project or maybe even encourage you to splash some cash to make your humble abode just that little bit more accommodating for game night.

  1. KGD Craftermath 
  2. Instructables DIY Game Table Conversion
  3. Build Gaming Table $150
  4. The Wood Whisperer Guild

If you have any others add them to the comment section below or send us your own masterpieces!


Brent is the founder of OzBoardGamer, he has a passion for the hobby and especially loves games for 2 to 5 players

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