Ultimate Werewolf Tactics: Bodyguard

Brent | April 03, 2017


In this series we are going to take a look at the different roles in Ultimate Werewolf and give you some tips on how to play them.

The Bodyguard is a powerful role to the Villager team, as they are able to chose a different player each night to protect from the Werewolves. The Bodyguard by design is unable to protect themselves so they will need to remain nonchalant and unthreatening as to avoid being killed before he has any real impact on the game.

As the Bodyguard's main restriction is that he cannot protect the same person twice in a row, a tactic to avoid giving yourself up to fast is to continue to protect the same 2 people, if these are the targets of the Werewolf they will become frustrated and will not be able to use much process of elimination to pinpoint who you are.

Another idea is to chose to protect anyone that is talking too much during the day, if they are a Villager, they will probably become the target as the Werewolves don't want as little thought out discussion during the day, and if they don't get targeted, well they may just be a Werewolf themselves, trying to lead the Village in the wrong direction.

The key for the Village team is to have as few deaths at night as possible, the only way you are going to win is to remain in the majority and slowly work out who's story doesn't match up, the Bodyguard is here to buy the village some time.

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