Ultimate Werewolf Tactics: Hunter

Brent | April 20, 2017


In this series we are going to take a look at the different roles in Ultimate Werewolf and give you some tips on how to play them.

The Hunter is a great role to include in the game, the way it works is that when they are eliminated by any means, they immediately kill another player. The Village is supposed to remain silent and not influence this decisions. 

However, if played correctly, this may not be an issue. The Hunter generally has 2 jobs: Find out who's bad and pretend to be something else. Its often a good tactic is to talk to the players next to you and claim to be something like the Seer or the Body Guard, this way if you are killed at night it is highly likely it was because of what you told your neighbour.

If you aren't killed keep your eyes out for anything suspicious, because once you die, which ultimately is more a good thing than a bad, you have a shot at killing a Werewolf!

Make sure you are paying attention and be suss enough to warrent a kill, but maybe try and stay out of the firing line for a few rounds just to make sure you have better odds.

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