Ultimate Werewolf Tactics: Seer

Brent | March 29, 2017


In this series we are going to take a look at the different roles in Ultimate Werewolf and give you some tips on how to play them.

The Seer is the most important player on the Villager team, you will be hard pressed to win a game if your Seer has been killed in the early rounds. A good way to stay safe is to find the balance between hiding in the shadows and living in the lime light, be sure to avoid making your own accusations even if you know who the Werewolves are, instead aim to just second accusations when you know they are right.

Now when it comes to the night, when choosing who to investigate, a good idea is to pick a player next to you. You'll have 2 outcomes: 1) you'll see that they are clear and be able to subtly let them know you are the Seer and saw them as a Villager at night or 2) if they are a wolf, play it cool and befriend them. If they think they are safe talking to you they wont suspect you as the Seer and you can bide your time on when to throw them under the bus.

If you find yourself on the chopping block, be sure to defend yourself as hard as you can, throw everything out there. However if it looks like there is no more hope throw one more hail mary by giving up the information you have. If it's against the spirit of the game to just say "I'm the Seer", then be vague. Come out and say the people you have seen as innocent will hate that they kill you and that you would rather they vote for the werewolf you saw if you have. This way, at least the innocents that you identified will know that you have told the truth and have more information to go on. Don't let a Seer die without something being shared!

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