Ultimate Werewolf Tactics: Villager

Brent | March 20, 2017


In this series we are going to take a look at the different roles in Ultimate Werewolf and give you some tips on how to play them.

More often than not, a player will find themselves disappointed to be drafted as a plain old villager, but little to they know, that these cards are one of the most integral to the game... If you know how to use it. The villager has no special powers and not extra information. All they know if that they are a good guy, but this role actually allows you to take some wild risks and completely confuse the Werewolves. 

One tactic for the Villager is to claim to be something that they are not, the most common example being the Seer. You could claim that by sheer luck you were able to point to a Werewolf on the first night and point someone out. If the village believes you and takes out a Werewolf, good job! But if they see through your lie and kill you off? Well who cares, at least your team only lost a villager!

Another idea is to counteract a fellow villagers claim. Sometimes, novice players who happen to be the role in question (again lets say the Seer), will defend themselves and out themselves as the real Seer (not understanding this is a detriment to the village team). If someone is calling Seer and you think they are a villager telling fibs, call them off it, the village is at its best when it's working together! There is nothing the Werewolves want more than a village that eats itself alive, so don't give them the satisfaction.

Always remember, you may be killed off (hell its almost a certainty in Werewolf), but that doesn't mean you can't win! Stay invested, just because you get subbed off the footy field doesn't mean you can't enjoy the teams win!

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