A Feast for Odin



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Using the central board in A Feast for Odin, players have to hunt, gather basic materials, refine those materials, develop their production-buildings, build/buy ships, and raid settlements.

The resulting earnings are placed on the players' board in the best possible pattern to produce income and (later) victory points.

  • Tiles (2 extension tiles, 1 large round overview tile, Building tiles: 3 “shed” building tiles, 3 “stone house” building tiles, 5 “long house” building tiles, 8 mountain strips 32 ship tiles, including: 10x whaling boats 12x knarrs 10x longships)
  • 125 silver coins
  • 32x wood
  • 24x stone
  • 40x ore
  • 48 Vikings (12 for each player)
  • 1 brown start player moose
  • 1 white round tracking cube
  • 190 Occupations, divided in three decks A, B, and C (45 light brown starting occupation cards 145 dark brown occupation cards)
  • 47 red Weapon cards (12x bow and arrow, 12x snare, 12x spear, 11x long sword)
  • Goods 346 goods tiles, including:
  • Food | front side: farm product back side: animal product (25x peas / mead 18x sheep / pregnant sheep 15x cattle / pregnant cattle 20x flax / stockfish 20x beans / milk 20x grain / salt meat 17x cabbage / game meat 15x fruits / whale meat)
  • Animals | front side: livestock back side: pregnant dam (18x sheep / pregnant sheep, 15x cattle / pregnant cattle)
  • Equipment front side: craft product back side: luxury good (43x oil / rune stone 30x hide / silverware, 30x wool / chest 20x linen / silk 20x skin and bones / spices 20x fur / jewelry 18x robe / treasure chest 15x clothing / silver hoard)
  • 7 “Thing Penalty” tiles
  • 12 plastic bags, 1 appendix, 1 almanac, and this rulebook


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