Twilight Imperium (Third Edition)



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The galaxy is in limbo. In a time of such such betrayal, trust is a word that is loosely associated with foolishness. As you await the arrival of trade goods, which should have arrived a week ago, you check your daily logs. A transmission hails in and is patched through. It's the Hacan trade ambassador alerting you that as of now, "All trades are off."

You look despondent as the screen resigns to static accompanied by a low rumbling. The proximity klaxons scream through your base and the screen flickers with a sight you never wished to see. An orb so large, easily mistaken for a planet, eclipses your distant star. Horrified, you realize what lies before you - a Warsun. He sold you out, and now he's having the L1z1x Mindnet do his dirty work.

As your knees hit the ground, so does the first volley of bombardment on your homeworld. Noise fades out as you witness a temple in the distance erupt, exploding into the sky - a cataclysmic reminder, that in times like these, there is no room for trust.

Twilight Imperium is an epic board game of galactic conquest for 3-6 players. Taking on the role of one of ten ancient civilizations, players compete for interstellar supremacy through warfare, trade, uncertain allegiances, and political dominance. Each civilization provides a unique game experience with different abilities and play styles. Will you play as the Emirates of Hacan and preside over every trade agreement made in the galaxy, or will you be the Federation of Sol and rapidly take over worlds in hopes of dominating the entire galaxy? In Twilight Imperium many roads lead to Rome (or Mecatol Rex), but no road is without its bumps.

As the prominent leader of your civilization, you must make enemies and allies with the other respected leaders that sit around you. Alliances can be made and broken in an instant. War can be waged, and then rescinded in the matter of minutes. The galaxy isn't stable, so how you will be the beacon to guide your people through? Turn after turn, you must decide what is in your peoples best interest. Choosing a political path may allow you to use your votes which you've accumulated in passing a bill on Mecatol Rex. But what will you do next turn when your defenses are broken and your homeworld is invaded? Or, will you stage an all-out fleet assault on a bordering colony? These are all just examples of the tough decisions you'll have to make inTwilight Imperium.

  • 6 frames of plastic components, each contains:
    • 5 Dreadnoughts
    • 4 Carriers
    • 8 Cruisers
    • 8 Destroyers
    • 2 War Suns
    • 12 Ground Forces
    • 10 Fighters
    • 6 Planetary Defense Systems (PDS)
    • 3 Space Docks
  • 144 Technology Cards (24 each in six decks separated by color)
  • 51 Planet Cards
  • 103 Action Cards
  • 60 Political Cards
  • 30 Objective Cards (Secret and Public)
  • 20 Trade Cards (2 each for 10 races)
  • 10 Race Sheets
  • 30 Leader Counters
  • 8 Cardboard Strategy Cards
  • 160 Command Counters (16 each for 10 races)
  • 150 Control Markers (15 each for 10 races)
  • 8 Bonus Counters
  • 40 Trade Goods Counters
  • 23 Fighter Supplement Counters
  • 23 Ground Force Supplement Counters
  • 1 Speaker Token
  • 1 Victory Point Track
  • 43 Hexagonal Board Tiles
  • 1 Rules Booklet
  • 4 10-sided Dice
  • 44 Domain Counters


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