How To: Stack Your Games Vertically

Brent | July 11, 2016

if you have started to get into the hobby that is board gaming you maye of come across this rather taxing question: Do I stack them on top of each other so the components don't go anywhere? Or do I put then vertically and just deal with the mess?

Well I'm going to give you this simple hack that will make your board gaming life so much easier.

There are many negatives to stacking games horizontally:

  • The boxes are not intended to handle the extra weight on top
  • Not all boxes are evenly shaped, putting them upright eliviates most occurances of this issue
  • To get to any one game, you may need to take the others off of them

But I hear you say "Brent, thats all well and good but I hate oppening the box and seeing all the pieces spilt everywhere!"

Well here is a tip: Get yourself some ziplock bags, you know the ones mum used to put your sandwhiches or snacks in! Chuck any loose components in those (multiple if you want to keep things seperate!) and voilà.

Now when you go to stand your precious games upright you wont experience that dreaded crashing noise inside the box. 

Of course there may be times where the game box really doesnt properly cater for standing upright and my suggestion is having one shelf (perhaps the bottom one) available for these other games, that way everything still looks nice and presentable!

Happy Gaming!



Brent is the founder of OzBoardGamer, he has a passion for the hobby and especially loves games for 2 to 5 players

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