Coming this month - Pandemic: The Cure Experimental Meds

Brent | October 07, 2016

Pandemic: The Cure is the much lighter, dice version of the amazing Pandemic series. The Cure came out 2014 and it was high time this edition of the game got a much needed expansion, called Experimental Meds.

Personally, I only like the idea of a dice version of a game if it has some glarring time issues that restrict the fun, for example: I would much rather play Bang! The Dice Game over regular Bang! as it mitigates the ever prevelant issue of going on too long. The dice version here takes a great premise and puts it into a much more digestible package. For Pandemic, this just doesn't work as well. Most of the appeal (if not all of it) of Pandemic is the unforgiving challenge Matt Leacock has managed to cook up in his head. 

I have never enjoyed losing a game like I do when playing Pandemic, and while my personal preferences steer me away from The Cure, it is very much a fantastic game for the audience it is targeting.

Experimental Meds adds a couple of new modules to the base game.  First is the addition of a fifth disease to be cured, meaning you will have to work a bit harder to be able to clear them all out, which comes as no surprise to seasoned world savers!

Next is a mechanic called Hot Zones, this is where dice are rolled that change the rules in some way, often making your job much harder.  

All this is capped off with the addition of 8 new characters to the game to keep the game fresh and interesting.


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