Coming (Very) Soon: One Night Ultimate Alien

Brent | August 12, 2016

Coming soon to Kickstarter! The next iteration of the One Night series of games. The kickstarter is set to go live on 29th of this month and if you're anything like me you just can't wait!

One Night Ultimate Alien is the latest game in the series that began with the best-selling, award-winning One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

This new version sees players assigned with a role, perform actions secretly during a "night" phase, and then have just a few minutes to discuss among themselves who the alien invaders are. This is all pretty cookie-cutter design for these games, slap on different roles and maybe 1 or 2 new mechanics.

More details will be released when the kickstarter starts, however here's a few things we know so far:

  1. Dynamic Roles: each time you play, most of the Alien roles will be different within certain parameters for that role. That means that the Rascal, which is Alien's resident "card switcher" role, might switch cards between his neighbors on one game, steal a card from a player with a higher number than his on another, and maybe give a center card to an odd-numer player on yet another. The combinations and possibilities are endless, and every game will be different as a result!
  2. Player Numbers: Each player is assigned a number, which allows the app to interact with players in never-before-heard ways.
  3. Interactive roles: Some roles require the player to interact with the app *live* during the night phase!
  4. Ripples: Occasionally there might be a "Ripple in the Space-Time Continuum" which could cause all sorts of unexpected things to happen...the play-through video that will be posted when the Kickstarter goes live on August 29th will have just one example of what might happen if this should occur...
  5. Inventive new roles: Some of the new roles do things that have never been done before, like the tippable Cow and the self-aware Synthetic Alien.

Be sure to sign up on there Prefundia page so that you know exactly when the project will go live. Follow @beziergames on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for sneak previews, inside info, and additional details.


Brent is the founder of OzBoardGamer, he has a passion for the hobby and especially loves games for 2 to 5 players

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