Digital news: 7 Wonders, Scythe and Star Realms

Brent | May 17, 2017

Is 7 Wonders coming to Digital in July?

Is 7 Wonders Digital coming out 7/7/2017? Probably, or maybe not. Last week, the image below was shared on the 7 Wonders Facebook page. It's not a certainty that the release date meant a digital version of the popular card drafting game but we can all but hope! 

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Scythe Digital Images Released 
One game that IS coming to digital is Scythe. I can't wait for this, I'm sure its going to be one of the most ambisious digital versions of a board game to date. The development team seem to be quite open with what they are doing throughout the development process. This week the shared a render of one of the mechs. Check it out:

Star Realms Gets an Update
An updated version of the Star Realms app is coming today (May 17th). 

The update is bringing a ton of great things including:
* A sleek new look & feel
* Even easier to play
* New real-time games!

Here is a screenshot of the new look:

This update also includes the Colony Wars expansion for $4.99 IAP. According to the press release this expansion includes:
* 53 All-New Colony Wars cards in the Trade Deck with fun, new mechanics
* Cards that can be purchased from the Trade Row and can immediately be put into play or into a player’s hand.
* Blob faction has a new ability to “acquire a ship of cost x or less for free”.
* The Stealth Tower card that comes with Colony Wars allows you to copy any base in play!
* Two new chapters in the ongoing campaign, each with six missions!

You can get Star Realms on iOS and Android.


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