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Brent | February 26, 2019

We love recieving emails from people who are making new and exciting games and want to have their game found in the big sea that is kickstarter. Here at OBG we are happy to help where we can. Wesley Woodbury, the designer of the new game Legends of Novus reached out for an interview and we were happy to ablige!

Q. What is Legends of Novus?

A. Legends of Novus is a tabletop fantasy boardgame, it puts 1-5 players into a “sandbox” gaming atmosphere where they are free to travel to world as they see fit. Their goal is to find equipment, skills, and events to help them defeat the encounters and Quest Creatures of the world to become a Legend of Novus. The first player to earn 25 experience points and defeat a Quest Creature is named the winner.

Q. How many types of play styles are there?

A. There are currently three types. The primary design is based on 2-5 players acting independantly of one another in a race to become the first Legend of Novus. Often their decisions will impact other players abilities and choices.. The second style is team play, where two teams of two players can pair up against one another, thus making it the first team to accomplish the goal. The third style is Solo play, where one player has a goal of defeating three Quest Creatures before 15 turns elapse (and a secondary win is possible if they win before 20 turns elapse).

There is a fourth mode of play being tested, which is full co-operative play. This would allow 2-5 players to explore Novus in an effort to destroy all of the Quest Creatures.

Q. What makes this game different than other fantasy board games?

A. There are a few things that help identify Legends of Novus to be a different type of game:

  • The open concept world does not dictate where or when players have to travel to. There is not a specific path to go on, which makes player choice extremely relevant to their success or failure in the game.

  • The visual character boards allow for placement of full poker size cards. Many other games use mini cards, or don’t have a set way to place acquired items. With these boards you can visually see where to place each card, and have set limitations on quantities of items for each body part. The board is dual layer, including a Combat tracker and XP tracker right on the board.

  • The variability is quite extensive, as each main character class can branch out into four different advance classes, for a total of 20 different evolutions of characters.

  • The fantasy art is incredible for this game. It has a serious fantasy tone, not the comical, cartoony, or digital look that you may have seen in similar themed games. The artists, Andrea Butera and Boris Turano (landscapes) are very talented and have placed a lot of time and effort into making this a very immersive and beautiful game.

Q. Why are miniatures not included in the game?

A. Miniatures are a very expensive game component, particularly for a new game publisher. The goal of this game is to get players a great game experience, in an immersive world, with amazing art. Those goals will be attained without using miniatures. There are many games out there that include minis, that aren’t really essential to the gameplay experience. If FunDaMental Games creates a game with minis in the future, it will be because they are required for gameplay purposes.

Q. What will the funds from Kickstarter be used for?

The funds generated from this Kickstarter will be used to manufacture the game in China, then ship to a distribution company. Funds are also needed to compensate the artist, and cover some of the costs of advertising and showing this game to the world. At the minimum funding level there is actually a net loss for the company, it would only be at 1,000 or more backers/games produced that the game would be come somewhat profitable. The purpose of this game is not to generate a bunch of money, it is to create a great base game for the world of Novus, with the potential to evolve into expansion packs or full game add ons and sequels in the future.

Q. What will happen if the game does not fund this time around?

FunDaMental games is determined to bring Legends of Novus to the gaming community. It has been in development for quite some time, but there is some realization that further preview copies may be required to share with the well known game reviewers/podcasters/youtubers of the world to give it some higher level exposure. Once that is done, then the game would relaunch later in the year with a renewed effort (and some core backers that originally supported it this time around).

Q. Where can people reach you if they have questions?

A. Almost anywhere! The Kickstarter itself can be followed for just $1, where you can see all of the comments and updates as they occur. The website, legendsofnovus.com, is easy to navigate and will show you much of the games great art already produced. Links to twitter, facebook, and instagram are available as well.

Check out there kickstarter page to back them!


Brent is the founder of OzBoardGamer, he has a passion for the hobby and especially loves games for 2 to 5 players

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