New Games Round-up: Defense Grid, Arcane Academy & Yeti

Brent | April 13, 2016

Gather round, its time for some good news! Gaming is alive and well and there are some awesome games coming our way.

Defense Grid:

Attention! A new challenger has emerged. Forged by Games is a new publisher coming out of the United States and are aiming to bring there new game Defense Grid to stores in 2017!

Overview of the game:

"Defense Grid the Board Game or DGBG is a 1-4 player co-operative game where you the players will use your AI decks, wits, group strategy, and a little luck from the dice gods to blast those alien *@&$ back from where they came from and to protect the cores."


Arcane Academy:

Originally known as Generation Hex, Arcane Academy was slated for a 2014 release but publisher Th3rd World Studios never delivered. Not to worry though as it has been picked up by IDW Games and is looking at a August release this year. Will the new publisher deliver or while it perform another disappearing act? 

Overview of the game:

"Arcane Academy pits rival students against each other to become the "best in class" in this tile and card game of wizardry based on the critically acclaimed graphic novelFinding Gossamyr. Each player is a student at the Academy of Magic and Science, forging magic items, wielding powerful energies, each trying to outthink and outmaneuver their opponents during final exams."



Following its debut in Europe last month, Yeti from designer Benjamin Schwer is looking at a September release in the US, which should see it become more readily available here in Oz. 

Overview of the game:

"In Yeti players are competing adventurers and mountaineers, looking for traces of the Yeti, the legendary Snowman in the Himalaya. They want to find its footprints — or even better take photos of it — in order to collect points. To achieve this, they need to improve their equipment and acquire the help of Sherpas to lead them up the mountains. Most importantly, though, they should hope for good weather because if too much snow falls, the search of all players comes to a halt..."


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