Now on Kickstarter: Badlands, Samhain & Kitchen Rush

Brent | May 29, 2017

Kickstarter is a constant source of amazing and innovative board games, here are some of the latest we found that look promising!

Badlands: Outpost of Humanity:

"Badlands is a strategic boardgame in a post-apocalyptic world. In Badlands you'll lead a small community of post-nuclear survivors struggling for their lives. You will have to undertake distant expeditions and explore abandoned locations"

"Develop trade and attack your enemies, protect your settlement and fight for influence to secure your corner in the ruthless world of Badlands!"

"In order to win, a player's caln has to earn 100% of Influence in the Badlands. Trophies earned during the expeditions, money in your cache as well as each monster killed by your clan increases your influence."

"So there are several ways how you can win: the war path (fighting and ravaging enermy settlements), the trading path (sending Caravans with valuable goods to the Outpost) or the monster hunting path... Which path to use - it's only for you to decide."

Check out there Kickstarter page for more information



"In Samhain, you will need to manage your clan the best you can, placing your clan members on the village locations each turn and performing the most suitable actions for your strategy. You must obtain resources and manage them properly in order to expand your clan and mess with your opponents!"

"Each player will be the chief of a clan who will try to become the most powerful one in order to be placed in charge of the resistance against the Romans. Your clan members must be divided between locations in the village, performing actions, and those who are praying in the temples dedicated to their Gods. The locations will grant you instant advantages, but the temples will grant the power necessary to expand your clan and to lead it toward the glory."

"The Romans must not be underestimated. Before invading the lands of the Celts, they will try to poison the hearts of the tribes, in order to corrupt the clans and to use them for their own purpose."

Check out there Kickstarter page for more information

Kitchen Rush

Kitchen Rush:

"Kitchen Rush simulates the excitement of a high-pressure kitchen environment through an innovative real-time worker placement mechanism. 1-4 players work together trying to fulfill orders fast enough to earn enough money to keep the business going across 4 rounds of 4 minutes. The fun, excitement and rush it brings to the table offers a full course for gamers and family members alike."

"In the game, players use hourglasses as their workers assigning them to various tasks from taking orders, cooking dishes and buying groceries. Any worker placed on an action space may not be used elsewhere before the sand within the hourglass runs out making each decision important as time is limited."

"Kitchen Rush is designed by Dávid Turczi, known for his work on Anachrony & Days of Ire: Budapest 1956."

Check out there Kickstarter page for more information


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