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Brent | January 24, 2019

Champions of Nexum

Board Legends is raising funds for Champions of Nexum on Kickstarter! MOBA inspired board game

Champions of Nexum is one of the examples that show, where modern Kickstarter is heading. The board game follows a common trend of unusual gaming-related projects dominating the platform. Platform that was back in the day seen mainly as a way to promote gadgets and technology.

The board game got funded within 4 hours and quickly reached amounts usually collected by high profile projects, while keeping the momentum steadily afterwards. How to explain this? There was really no special recipe used, just lots of preparations and testing. During the 3 years long development cycle the amount of test sessions reached over a 1000. Authors toured Poland and other places in Europe, and kept heavily modifying the game according to feedback received.

So what kind of game is Champions of Nexum? There’s one word, that comes to mind here: “MOBA”. Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas, a genre of video 
games, have inspired tabletop game creators for a while. Majority of efforts, including these by huge players in the market, felt lacking though. Making the battle of 2 teams, who each try to wipe out their rivals’ castle, into something fun offline, was quite the challenge. What Champions of Nexum does differently is its focus on replicating the tempo and emotions usually found in MOBA games. Rules allow for fast matches, no longer than 60-90 minutes, or even shorter when everyone is familiar with the manual.


At first: everyone picks a hero, either by choosing their favourites or by drafting. Next: players form teams and begin marching against each other. Most areas have special actions available on them. These might include exploring jungles, walking the roads while trying to avoid trouble, fighting monsters to get magical crystals and so on. Crystals come in different colours and are used to complete quests - important when you want to progress through the map and compete effectively. To add replayability and allow for a wider choice of tactics, players can buy spells and gain equipment to further power up and personalize their heroes.

Talking about heroes: the miniatures seem to be one of the main factors drawing people to the campaign. Their design is a reminder of classic dungeon crawler RPGs, with a dash of cartoonish style, found in major video game MOBAs. Adding a bunch of monsters: winged, fanged and spiky, creates a world that feels threatening, but has that dash of adventure, people look for when it comes to entertainment. The detail on the minis is worth commending: from tiny belts, spikes and feathers to ornaments decorating shields and weaponry.

You can check out more on their Kickstarter page 


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