Now on Kickstarter: It’s A Squirrel’s Life

Brent | April 20, 2017

Kickstarter is a constant source of amazing and innovative board games, here are some of the latest we found that look promising!

"Game helps children with math and negotiation skills, with some proceeds going to animal charities."

"Moxy Roxy, Inc. announces that it is going to launch 'It’s A Squirrel’s Life™' board game on Kickstarter on April 19, 2017."

"'It’s A Squirrel’s Life™' board game is for 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and above, and can be played in 30 to 60 minutes. It simulates the typical life of a tree squirrel from nest born, to adulthood, and ultimately to parenthood. Full of humanizing and amusing nuances, it would be enjoyed and loved by children and adults alike with lots of fun and entertainment. With cleverly designed game rules, it seeks to inculcate important social, math, and negotiation skills in kids. These skills will benefit both their personal and professional lives for years to come. The board game has two versions: Classic and Deluxe, Limited Edition with only 500 produced."

"Randy Hecht, Director of Product Development, shares the heartwarming story behind his invention: “In summer 2015, I rescued an orphaned tree squirrel that fell off the palm tree of my backyard, named her ‘Roxy,’ nourished her back to health, raised her, and released her in spring 2016. Roxy has built her nests around my backyard, given birth to several litters of babies, and still visits me regularly. She inspired me to invent this game, and I will donate a percentage of proceeds to local animal charities.”"

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