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Brent | June 20, 2016

Perfect Crime: A cooperative heist game for 2-5 players

This game caught my eye on kickstarter, not because its a tower defense, and not because bank robbing is cool (although... the italian job was bad ass, just saying). No its because this game essentially is 2 in 1. You either play as the security focused bank trying to thwart any intruders, or you play as the crack team of highly skilled robbers trying to break the bank!


Here is the excert from their Kickstarter page

"We (Grublin Games: Cornish Smuggler, Waggle Dance, Terralith) are after your support to kickstart an asymmetrical, modern day, tower defence style bank robbery game with fast setup, hidden information, tons of tension, and is based on real life and filmic heists: Perfect Crime.

In Perfect Crime you play either as the security focused bank or as a crew of robbers trying to break into the Vault to steal the loot. As the bank, you'll build your bank, employ staff, assign guards to patrol routes, expand your bank and install security. Your goal is to construct an impregnable fortress to keep the valuables in your vault safe.

As the robber, you'll employ crew and equip them with the tools and plans they need to bypass, crack, expose, evade and generally defeat measures that the bank has put in place to thwart you. As you move through the bank your crew will generate suspicion which the bank will use to activate guards, upgrade their systems and most importantly, trigger alarms to call the Police. You will need find ways to bypass any installed security, but doing so will generate Evidence which determines the strength of the Police response.

Perfect Crime is a game for 2-5 players, takes ~90 minutes to play and can be played in co-op (all the robbers working together against the bank), semi co-op (some of the robbers working together to rob the bank) or full competitive (kind of working together, but with the threat of doublecrossing each other) modes."




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