Now on Kickstarter: Thunderstone Quest

Brent | February 22, 2017

Thunderstone Quest from AEG

Kickstarter is a constant source of amazing and innovative board games, here are some of the latest we found that look promising!

Thunderstone Quest:

"Thunderstone is one of the most successful games AEG has ever published. Our team has been talking about the next stage in its evolution for quite some time. When we brainstormed ideas for the next version of the game it was clear that we had a lot of wide open design space to transform the Dungeon system into something really special."

"The new Quest system gives us the ability to offer you a modular adventuring experience so that the game is always fresh and challenging. We incorporated lots of player feedback about other game systems including weight and light. And we worked to make the climax of the game dramatic and exciting for every player every game."

"We are Kickstarting Thunderstone Quest so that we can bring you a super-sized version of Thunderstone with lots of upgraded components and extra content. The more we raise on this campaign the more awesome the Rewards will be!"

Check out there Kickstarter page for more information


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