One Night Ultimate Alien

Brent | August 29, 2016

It's here! The Kickstarter for One Night Ultimate Alien is now live so head on over to there kickstarter page to check it out and make your pledge today!

One Night Ultimate Alien is the latest game in the series that began with the best-selling, award-winning One Night Ultimate Werewolf.

This new version sees players assigned with a role, perform actions secretly during a "night" phase, and then have just a few minutes to discuss among themselves who the alien invaders are. This is all pretty cookie-cutter design for these games, slap on different roles and maybe 1 or 2 new mechanics.

PS! You can select a pledge level and then tailor it to suit you better with add ons! Im personally wanting to get my hands on the game, the wooden storage box and the compendium!


Brent is the founder of OzBoardGamer, he has a passion for the hobby and especially loves games for 2 to 5 players

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