Spiel des Jahres Winners Announced

Brent | July 18, 2017

A few months ago the nominees for the annual Spiel des Jahres (German for 'Game of the Year') were announced and we now have our winners! For those that don't know, the Spiel des Jahres awards are gaming awards that carry with them a lot of praise and clout. The award is given to tabletop games released in German-speaking countries, so understand not all games qualify for the award. Previous winners include Codenames, Colt Express and Camel Up to name a few (wow three games starting with 'C' in a row?).

The prize does not come with any money connected to it but winners are able to use the award in their publicity which has been a major selling point for many of the games that have recieved the award. The addition sales of games that are awarded game of the year typically reaches the hundreds of thousands. The awards come in three categories: The Spiel des Jahres (Game of the year), the Kennerspiel des Jahres (Connoisseur-gamer Game of the Year) and the Kinderspiel des Jahres (Childrens Game of the Year).

Spiel des Jahres

Game Designer Publisher Award
Kingdomino Bruno Cathala Pegasus Spiele Winner
Magic Maze Kasper Lapp Pegasus Spiele Nominee
Wettlauf nach El Dorado Reiner Knizia Ravensburger Nominee


Kingdomino comes to us from legendary designer Bruno Cathala (Shadows Over Camelot, Five Tribes). The goal of the game is to seek new land and to expand your kingdom. The game is dominoes with a kingdom building twist.

Kennerspiel des Jahres

Game Designer Publisher Award
Exit: The Game Inka Brand and Markus Brand Kosmos Winner
Raiders of the North Sea Shem Philips Garphill Games Nominee
Terraforming Mars Jakob Fryxelius Stronghold Games Nominee

Exit: The Game

The Kennerspiel is aimed at games for players who are already familiar with the hobby. Exit: The Game comes in a variety of flavours, the first three of those being "The Abandoned Cabin", "The Pharaoh's Tomb" and "The Secret Lab". There are three more titles of the series already released in Germany and even more are slated for a release soon.

Kinderspiel des Jahres

Game Designer Publisher Award
Ice Cool Brian Gomez Amigo Winner
Captain Silver Wolfgang Dirscherl and Manfred Reindl Queen Games Nominee
Der Mysteriöse Wald Carlo A. Rossi Iello Nominee

Ice Cool

This award is reserved for games targeted at younger audiences. This years winner is Ice Cool, a dexterity game where players flick penguins around the board. The game is innovative and has a beautiful design, both important features of any kids game.


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