Million Dollars But...

What would you do for a million dollars? Would you take it if everytime you feel something soft, you get a paper cut...

What about when you use the bathroom away from home, you need to scream out the ethnicity of the person closest to you? These are the sort of things you and your friends will be discussing during a game of Million Dollars But! 

You would be forgiven for thinking this is just a Cards Against Humanity clone, because in some respects it is. In fact one of the game modes is essentially the same rulse; One player is the judge with a black trigger card and the rest of the the players submit there best gold rule card to see which they will choose.

Yeah ok its pretty on the nose, but what I found with this game is I actually like it more based on the very nature of what we are doing. We are dissecting these absurd hypotheticals and really getting to know our friends in the process.


As is the case in many judgement based games, luck plays a part if you don't quite know the person well enough. This game is a great way to introduce new people to your gaming group in wider settings, so you will very often find yourself taking a gamble, but with this game (as it is not so much based on humour, but rather basic human thought processes) it can be much easier.



Lets be honest here, It's a game where you guess if someone would do something for a million bucks. This isn't a game for the tactician inside all of us. This game is a party game and is best treated as such.



Remember your first game of Cards Against Humanity? You probably don't since the game is so natural to pick up that it would of felt the same as any other time you played it. This is 100% the case with MDB. This is the game you can teach to ANYONE. (That being said, the concept might go over Grandma's head... just saying.)


Replay Value:

This game is one of those 'Play until your sick of it' games. Eventually you're going to get to the point where you have heard a bunch of these cards before, Sure you most likely havn't stumbled accross every single combination of cards, but it eventually starts to get a bit samey. Expansions always breathe a bit of new life into these but MDB will probably stay with you for a time, then you'll get bored of it and drop it for a while. But after a while you'll start thinking about it again and wonder why you ever stopped playing.



The cards that came in the box are actually quite a nice texture. Rooster Teeth (known for there web series') decided to lampoon an apple style product announcement video for there kickstarter and although they were playing up alot of it for the laughs, they have actually put together a quite nice package for something that only consists of a box of cards.


Learning Curve:

Sit down, grab 2 cards,read them out and think about whether or not you would do it for the money. It's really that simple when it comes right down to it. This game is such a good time waster and a fantastic ice breaker: "Hey nice to meet you, I have no idea who you are but would you take a million dollars but once a month you are stalked by a random animal?" 



They have actually done quite a good job of making this available to a myriad of players. An issue faced with Cards is once you get to a certain number the judge has to read an unruly amount of cards and it can get ridiculous. MDB has options that can cover this quite well, at certain play counts it becomes more of an activity than a game, which is actually ok.



The theme lives on the cards. The stories you craft by what situations come up is what makes the world for you. But if you are looking for rich backstory and engrossing narative... well actually no, why the hell are you looking for that in a party game!?


Final Thoughts:

One of the major issues with Cards is that if no one is really elaborating on the cards they can jsut be throw away phrases that people chew up and spit out. With Million Dollars But we find ourselves really thinking about the ramifications of these situations and seeing how far we would really go for the all might dollar.

Have you played Million Dollars But? Do you agree with our review? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below or if you would like to pick up your own copy head over to to pick up your own copy!


Brent is the founder of OzBoardGamer, he has a passion for the hobby and especially loves games for 2 to 5 players

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