Rick and Morty: Total Rickall Card Game

These telepathic little bastards, they embed themselves in memories, and th-then they use those to multiply and spread out, take over planets...

Rick and Morty: Total Rickall Card Game is a Cooperative or Semi-Cooperative card game for 2-5 or 3-5 players respectively. The game is based on the episode of the Adult Swim cartoon of the same name. 

While I don't believe it's a requirement to of seen the episode or even the show to enjoy this little card game. In saying that though, this game is just dripping with flavour and if you are a fan of the subject matter I don't think you will be disappoint in that area.

The game comes with 2 game modes and while the standard mode has its own merits, it is really best looked at as a learning scenario more than the actual game itself.

But the real question is, is it a good game worth your money? Lets find out, for the sake of simplicity I will be referring to the game as simple Total Rickall.


Total Rickall is a game about deduction and memory, you are going to be using your head more than your heart more often than not, that being said there is a slight amount of randomness that comes into play that can really turn the game around a bit. However I did find the game to be just a little bit too light on the chaotic aspect, I would of much preferred more cards that through a lot of the information you gathered out the window to make it that slight bit more unforgiving.



The game is based around the idea of gathering information, you need to work together as a team to achieve this goal so suffice it to say this game is all about strategy. Where Total Rickall differs though is in the advanced mode which introduces the tried and true mechanic of the traitor and while this notion of one player hiding there true intent is interesting, I found it too easily mitigated by simple card swapping. I feel it would be better to have static teams instead.



Total Rickall is pretty simple when it comes to gameplay. Basically players rotate as the leader of the round and simply play a card and undertake an action one by one. You need to play a card face down first before anything is revealed but this isn't really a rick as the table are all discussing tactics beforehand anyway. I think maybe going down the same route as The Grizzled with there no table-talk rule would make the game much more enjoyable.


Replay Value:

Is this a game you are going to gather your friends around for? Not exactly. Don't get me wrong I would play it in a heart beat, however it does sort of lend itself more to the camp of Love Letter and Coup as more of a filler type game. That being said I am concerned it may become one of those games that I play a lot for a period of time and then it fades into obscurity.



Total Rickall is lovingly crafted. The materials are nothing to right home about but its the artwork and text that sell it for me. This game is a Rick and Morty game, it is designed to look just like the show and that's exactly what they do. I may be giving it a bit more credit than its due as anyone with screen grabs of the episode could accomplish this, but hey, why hate on a job being done? No matter how simple it may be.


Learning Curve:

You aren't going to have a difficult time teaching this game, its super simple. If it not for the adult subject matter I would say even younger children could grasp the concepts here. That isn't to say its a boring game or that its too simple, its just not going to take half an hour to go over the key idea's at work.



I haven't had any issues with different player counts with Total Rickall, but if you are going to play the game, its got to be the 3-5 players needed for the advanced mode, this is not a game that lends itself well to a 2 player bout.



If you love Rick and Morty there is no discussion here you are going to love Total Rickall. Even if the game itself doesn't grab you, the colourful characters will. This features all the ridiculous characters featured in the episode. The mechanics at play, while not the most well balanced, are so true to the theming of the episode of its namesake that it can be forgiven for not delivering the tightest of gameplay.


Final Thoughts:

Rick and Morty: Total Rickall Card Game is a delightful cooperative filler game but is it worth your money? Well my answer to that is simply this: Do you like the subject matter? If yes than I think its a must for any fan, however if your answer is no then this may be one for you to skip this time around.

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