When I Dream


The night has fallen and your mind is floating in the magical world of dreams.

But the Dream Spirits want to have some fun tonight!

They are giving their best and the dreams become strange and surreal. Become the dreamer, put on your sleeping mask and try to figure out your dream and which spirits are the Naughty ones.

Become a good spirit and help the Dreamer by giving him clues about the dream before the naughty spirits mess it up. Close your eyes and dive in!

When I Dream is mix between Codenames and One Night Ultimate Werewolf, where each round players allegiances will change and the poor dreamer will not know who to trust.


A round of When I Dream is fast paced so it lends itself well to players who are able to think fast and stay convincing. There isn't a large amount of randomness or chaos outside of the cards that are in the deck, however dreamers only have one chance at each guess, so deciding when to take the shot does require an element of luck.


The stategy of the game lies in the decision making of all the other players other than the dreamer. The Fairies have to try their best to build trust in such a small amount of time while the dastardly Boogeymen are trying to undermine that trust, all of this is done on the fly and players are limited to one word clues so picking the right words and how they play off your opponents is a crucial skill to master. The Sandman on the other hand serve mostly as a balance piece to keep the game on its toes.


This is a simple game, but don't be fooled by the small amount of rules. This is a game that requires a players imagination and creativity as much as it requires their strength in guessing and memory. This is a game that anyone could play, yet some may not get the most out of it if they don't enjoy the more whimsical side of the medium.

Replay Value:

The Party Game genre is made with this category in mind, these are games that you want to play again and again. When I Dream is no exception, like the games that inspired it, this game is simple yet engaging which is the perfect mix for big groups. Because of the difference in how players interpret clues and the sheer amount of words available, this will not be a game you get sick of very fast.


The components of When I Dream are gorgeous, which many have come to expect from Repos, the cards have stunning visuals from a plethora of artists and are reminiscent of games such as Dixit or Mysterium. The Bed and the Sleep Mask are cute editions that not only fit the theme of the game perfectly, but also serve as mechanical parts of the game. The only thing I found myself disinterested in was the sand times, although visually it matches, the audible alarm found on any smart phone seemed to serve the game (not to mention the dreamer) much better.

Learning Curve:

This is a game that some may feel more comfortable in watching before playing themselves, which is understandable. However I found a quick overview of the roles and the base rules to giving clues was sufficient for most to give it a go and not be completely lost. A good idea would be for an experienced player to go last, to make sure the other players follow the rules in the first few rounds.


The games theme is hilarious and whimsical, if your group has some extremely creative individuals you may find yourself laughing the night away. The part that I personally thought was the best (intentional or not), was the fact that remember all the words you guesses, and in turn your dream, was difficult and sometimes you might find yourself blanking completely, but the game doesn't punish you too harshly for this.


The game scales quite well, with the 3 roles balancing each other quite well, although it has to be said the amount of players will always increase and decrease the length of the game, as all players need to have a turn at being the dreamer before the final points are calculated.

Final Thoughts:

When I Dream takes concepts found in other very successful party games and puts them together in a stunning package that brings a freshness that I haven't felt since my first game of Dixit. And while the game could be played with existing materials from other games, the components that Repos Productions brought to this game, along with the beautiful art, make this well worth the investment.

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Brent is the founder of OzBoardGamer, he has a passion for the hobby and especially loves games for 2 to 5 players

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