Who Goes There?

It's favourite place to hide, is you!

The celebrated novella that inspired John Carpenter's landmark film THE THING is now a tabletop game! Now play as one of the original characters in this official tabletop adaptation - a suspenseful game of co-op, strategy and growing paranoia.

When I kickstarted Certifiable Studios other game, Endangered Orphans of Condyle Cove in 2017, I was impressed with their dedication to the project, while being overall underwhelmed but excited to see where they would go from here. When I heard they were making another game I instantly jumped on the kickstarter train, this time with tempered expectations.

I think in the long run this served the game in its favour as what I got was an exciting take on the betrayal style game that I loved from games such as Shadows, Dead of Winter and Battlestar Galactica.

The Goods:

The production quality of this game is through the roof, form the beautifully crafted miniature, the stunning artwork and the plethora or tiles and tokens. But my favourite part of the set would have to be the individual player boards, what makes these so special is the 3D feel they have, with spaces for tiles, dice and tokens to fit snuggly inside, similar to that found in the game Scythe.


The Bads:


On small issue I had with the game was where the paranoia came into play, don't get me wrong, it was always in the back of my mind that the guy sitting next to me could very well be the thing. But that's about where it stopped, the risk of the thing never outweighed the cost that came along with him. I rarely found myself worrying about what an infected player would do and more about sorting myself out.

The Ugly:

The Rulebook, now I love the guys that made this game and they really did put everything you need into the book. My issue is how it all came together. The book is a muddled mess, I found myself going back and fourth all game and this really padded out an already long game. If they paid a bit more attention to a tutorial of sorts (See Fog of Love for possibly the best game tutorial in a box ever), and a little less on some of the extra fluff the game might be just that little bit better.


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